Are You Ready To Master Your Health

My Health Mastery is a one stop location for all of your health information needs, the tools and support you need to become healthy, stay healthy and ultimately become the best version of you.

Health Mastery Wherever You Go

You’re here, you’ve made the first major step. You know that somethings not right and you’re actively looking for solutions. 


The next step is often the hardest, where do you start? Many people fail here simply by being overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting information. There’s so much to do and learn, how can one person do it alone? 


My Health Mastery has been created to support and guide it’s members as they reclaim control of their lives. We provide you with the information you need to make lasting changes, guide you on how to achieve your goals and our community of like minded individuals will encourage and push you to be the best YOU there is.

Whats included with your membership

Bi-monthly videos


Easy-to follow, science-based videos designed to

make implementing daily habits simple and effective.


Health-focused topics taught bi-monthly by Pauline Cox BSc MSc & Sarah Matyjasik MRSPH, with knowledge building week on week for progressive learning.

Supporting documents and workbooks provided to enhance learning experience.

Monthly Book Club


A fun, interactive book club where we summarise a new book each month, creating a broad spectrum of learning around interesting and thought-provoking subjects.



"Reading is to the Mind, what

Exercise is to the Body."




Monthly Live Lounge


A Live monthly Q & A session to consolidate group learning and provide access to personalised questions.


"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."


Support, encouragement and information...we've have you covered.



My Benefits


Bringing Nutritonal Knoweldge into everyday life -simple steps for sustainable benefits!

  • Being part of a private FB group to interact and gain support with a like-minded community
  • A place to find daily accountability and inspiration
  • Member product discounts and offers
  • Recipe cards and live cookery tuition

Membership Costs

The cost to join My Health Mastery is £87.95 per month


This includes all weekly Masterclass Courses, access to the Private Facebook Group, Product Discounts, the Live Q & A sessions, our Monthly Book Club, Recipe Cards & Live Cookery Tuition, Support, Accountability and a Community of like-minded individuals.


Investing in yourself is an investment you're guaranteed a return upon



Early Adopter Price £47.95


As an early adopter, someone who sees the value and benefits of investing in yourself, your knowledge and the future of your health, we want to reward and thank you, for trusting in us.


As a token of our appreciation we're offering you an early adopter price. This will be fixed as a 'lifetime membership' price. By joining our Membership Club at the early adopters stage, you'll receive your membership for the price of £47.95


This early adopter price of £47.95 will not increase and will be fixed at this price for the duration of your membership. Your membership can be cancelled at any time.


The Membership Club will close its doors to new members as of February 28th 2021. This will allow all members to experience collective growth and maximise learning and progress as a group.


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