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My Health Mastery is the online membership community, where you will discovery how to nourish and fuel your body to optimise fat burning, long term health and lasting energy!


Here's what's inside My Health Mastery...

Teaching masterclass, coaching & mentoring session and live FB get-together every month

Get support and accountability from other members in our thriving private Facebook community

Access to the 'Ultimate Health Program' a step-by-step guide on gut health, liver function & better energy

Access to 15% off selected Sow & Arrow health products

Library of topic-led videos ranging from weight loss to skin health with supporting documents to download

Get cooking nutritious meals at home with our Recipe ideas

Get access to our recent Masterclasses & Courses

  • Healthy Hormone Series

  • Thyroid Masterclass

  • Sleep Masterclass

  • Fat Burning Series

  • Skin Masterclass

Here's what our members say...

Being part of My Health Mastery is amongst the best decisions I’ve made for me personally. 


Both Sarah and Pauline have a wealth of knowledge and huge passion for enabling people to live an optimal life and I have and continue to learn so much from both of them. 


The weekly sessions focus on a specific issue related to health and enable you to develop your own knowledge and understanding and to make incremental changes, ultimately making improvements that are sustainable in the long term. 


Supported by a community of open and like minded people, MHM is inspiring and encouraging, and for me is one of the best investments I have ever made.


Company Director

Being a member of My Health Mastery has given me the tools and confidence to switch my life around.


I'd been intrigued by the Keto principles for years, but uncertain about how to start and apprehensive about the lack of information available.


No such concerns now! The site and community are a goldmine of information, support and advice.  Pauline's boundless energy and Sarah's thoughtful advice make the online courses both informative and entertaining.


I am learning lots, eating well and feeling great!


Senior Teacher

As a business women, I find the demands of the day can really affect the choices I make around my food, health and my general fitness.


Being a part of the My Health Mastery community gives me the chance to focus on my daily health habits. I’ve learnt so much about the impact that food has on not only my body shape but also on my focus, mood and wellbeing, which are all vitally important for day-to-day business success.


I would recommend this wonderful community if you have health and nutrition goals and want to stay on track!


Business Owner

I first began working with Pauline when I came across her Ultimate Health Program back in August 2020 having heard my friend and colleague Sarah talking so enthusiastically about her for about a year before that! 


Sarah and I have known each other and worked together since 2011! Both these ladies have a wealth of knowledge about health, mindset and making the most of body and mind working together, so when they developed the Health Mastery Membership it was the perfect chance to tap into their combined expertise!


As a scientist by background, I found there were still times the wealth of 'helpful advice' freely available all over the media was just utterly overwhelming! Pauline and Sarah have broken lots of info down into manageable units to help us understand what our bodies are actually up to on the inside. The human body is a magnificent thing! When it works well it is an incredible machine...when it doesn't, it can be baffling and there are times in life where, try as we might, we are unable to make sense of it on our own.


By learning about our hormones, metabolism and adapting to a healthy ketogenic, fat-burning style of eating, this team help to outline simple steps to redress the imbalances most of us find ourselves trying to manage without much prior success.


So if you just can't quite seem to find your 'thing', your mojo has gone out of the window and you are looking for education, support, a community of likeminded people who want to love their bodies and their food in equal measure, then you might just have found your tribe.


Coach and Business Owner

Are you ready for a new adventure...?


We're here to help you navigate new waters and embrace change​

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  • Library topic-led  videos 

  • Members-only FB group

  • 'Ultimate Health Program'

  • Product discounts

  • Supporting documents

  • Recipe library

  • One monthly LIVE masterclass training 

  • One monthly LIVE group mentoring and coaching session

  • Access to all previous LIVE masterclasses

  • Access to question & answer sessions

  • Library topic-led  videos 

  • Members-only FB group

  • 'Ultimate Health Program'

  • Product discounts

  • Supporting documents

  • Recipe library

  • One monthly LIVE masterclass training 

  • One monthly LIVE group mentoring and coaching session

  • Access to all previous LIVE masterclasses

  • Access to question & answer sessions


  • 2 MONTHS FREE membership 

  • A 30 min one to one with Pauline Cox - Nutritionist

  • A 30 min one to one with Sarah Matyjasik -  Wellbeing Specialist

Meet Our Founders


Pauline Cox BSc MSc 

Nutritionist - Author - Health Optimisation Specialist

Pauline co-founded The Complete Health Clinic in 2004, a multi-disciplinary private health clinic with a vision of creating better access to healthcare and information.


In 2018 Pauline co-founded Sow & Arrow with a mission of creating easy-to-access information on health and wellbeing as well as a place to get convenient healthy food on the go. Sow & Arrow creates high quality, innovative, nutrient-dense food based on the grain-free, low carb ancestral diet. Sow & Arrow also supply high-quality supplements and exceptional products, often locally produced by Artisan makers.

Pauline has a passion for teaching and runs regular workshops and health programs and speaking engagements to relay the latest news, information and research in the areas of health and wellbeing

Primal Living in a Modern World is Pauline’s first book and focuses on reversing chronic illness and optimising health. ​


Sarah left her career in recruitment management in 2008 to set up and run her own business. It was the start of an incredible journey of self-discovery and personal growth.


Since then Sarah’s run a number of successful businesses, led numerous teams and juggled life as a working mother. This experience means she’s very familiar with the challenges experienced by successful career and business women when it comes to looking after themselves.


Having qualified as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Advisor, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and Solution Focussed Hypnotherapist,  Sarah has a range of skills and tools to address mindset and habit change alongside fitness and nutrition, enabling people to achieve optimum health and wellness. 


“I have worked with hundreds of people in business, as a mentor and coach and I have seen first-hand the negative impact that business and career success can have when it comes at a cost to physical health and fitness. 


I believe that true success comes when we have 4 key aspects of life in relative balance, our body, brain, nutrition and nurture,  so that each of them serve us, enabling us to be the very best version of ourselves: our strongest self.”


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