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Here at My Health Mastery we believe the steps to achieving a wildly successful life, begins with a cohesive community of like-minded people, empowered with a belief that greatness is within each and every one of us.


Becoming the happiest, healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself starts with gaining key knowledge, step by step support and guidance that leads to real results. Learning becomes an ongoing journey of self-discovery. Personal growth and self-improvement become influential in improving all aspects of our life from our relationships to career, health status, confidence, self-esteem and vitality.


Our focus is on helping you discover and create the best version of yourself in 2021. With the many resources we offer we will help you to progress no matter where you are right now, health wise, career wise or relationship wise, with support, community, step-by-step action and tried and tested methods, we have you covered.

2021 your best year yet


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Matt Trahair

My wife and I were run down, overweight and exhausted and I suffered with IBS and was due to have spinal stenosis surgery. After discovering Pauline on social media everything changed! My wife signed up for the UHP course and we haven’t looked back! Along with Pauline’s amazing knowledge, advice and support we have both lost weight, have an endless amount of energy and best of all.... the inflammation in my spine has gone so no surgery required!! We have both found our ‘why’ and are looking forward to growing old together with optimum health running around after our grandchildren.



 Having had several failed attempts over a decade or more to return to the high levels of good health and fitness I had maintained throughout my thirties, I had all but given up. I had started to convince myself that being out of shape, overweight, and having very low energy levels were just part of the ageing process, and at 56, I was no longer in a position to turn anything around. In stepped my husband, however, with the birthday present proposal of a block of coaching sessions with a Fitness & 




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Julie Bradley

It's 12 months since I met Pauline, just as I was beginning a life change. Keen to try Keto but not knowing much about healthy fats, quality supplements, intermittent fasting or how to have a positive mindset. 

I had debilitating IBS, was overweight, over eating, confused and fed up.

This year I've lost 2 and a half stone, IBS free, I feel happy, healthy and am excited about my future.








"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped"

Tony Robbins

Over 40 years combined education and learning

Author of Primal Living In A Modern World 

Helping you find the missing piece of the puzzle 

Guided information on tried and tested approaches to health

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